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2009-11-25 10:05 am
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Up up and away!

Soooo... we're flying off to Texas early tomorrow morning! Which means we won't be around these parts until Friday next week. Super-excited about all of this, finally getting to meet some of the wonderful people we met here! Everybody is totally wibbly about it, though we're really really afraid of what will happen if you put Mac, Daniel, Golden and Mal all in one room. The sleaze and innuendo might actually make the universe explode. So if the world ends next Saturday, YOU KNOW WHY.

Take care everybody, and stay groovy!
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2009-04-07 06:39 pm
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Here, have a motivator!

This is for all you good peeps on the multiplicity comm XD )

(because we couldn't just leave the picture alone :P. Sorry f-list for spamming!)
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2008-11-02 10:05 am
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Friends list cut

Did a friends-list cut. Mostly journals that seem to be abandoned or where there's little to no communication going on. If you've been cut, but still want to read along with our ramblings, please comment! We know that some people have "read-only" journals because they migrated elsewhere for their real journalling, so yeah.
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2007-10-22 12:19 pm
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Look here!!!

And we pwn them. 'cause we are employed. Mwahahaha!
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2007-08-21 09:58 pm
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Because we needed something to keep us occupied

We completely revamped our info post. We like it a lot better that way.
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2007-06-02 10:00 am
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Public service annoncement!

This is probably the last thing you'll hear from us until Monday 11th. We're going on vacation to the meditarranean for a week :). See you then!
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2007-01-13 09:05 am
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This is who we are

Thinking about things, mulling over some of the responses our x-posting of Fireez' little essay on Dax got, we've come to the conclusion that we're not multiple. *chuckle* No, we were not pretending, or leading anyone on - we're just going to reject that label, because we don't feel it fits us very well.

We're soulbonds. A median/mid-continuum. A gateway system. But we are not multiple.

Why are we doing this? Because some of the "givens", the norms and standards within multiplicity, don't apply to us. The biggest one might be the whole issue of "the right to front". Surprise and shock, none of us actually thinks we have any right to this body, or this life (even if, in times of frustration, we might throw that idea at the host). We like to use it, yes, and we front, yes, but we don't really need any of this. We could just as well exist on the inside.
Then, there's the question of how we function as a group. Most of the time, there will be a multi-fronting situation, read: there's two or more people at the helm. It's very rare that there really is only one person around. The face we present to the outside world is actually a kind of synthetic construct, mostly made up by the host and the unicorn, but added to by the rest of us over time. The design is not uniformous - sometimes, it will have more elements of Ash, or of L., or of Malak etc... but it's constructed in a way that most people around us won't notice that. We're deliberately weird *g*.

I guess that's the reason we always felt more at home in comms such as [ profile] soulbonding, [ profile] notpluralenough or [ profile] more_than_one than in [ profile] multiplicity. [ profile] multiplicity has a heavy slant towards "real" multiples, whose experiences and dealings will often leave us going "guh?", because we are having a hard time relating to them.

If you'd like more information on how we experience being median, read this. We pretty much agree with what is said there.
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2006-07-24 05:15 pm
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Half of my f-list has done this already, so I decided to be a sheep along with them ;). So, without further ado, here are the Meezes (animated dolls) of the Choir's main frontrunners!

Do you recognize them all ;)? )

...we had tons of fun making those :) and I think they came out quite nice. Ash's is awesome, and Mal's just makes me fall off my chair with laughter every time.
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2006-07-03 10:04 pm
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2006-06-12 08:32 pm
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Snappy multiple code

I really don't know why we did it, except that we were bored and feeling geeky. Behold, our multiple code!

MuC N-- [f;f/m] S.H+/Uv+/Lu A(b- r-/+++) Ow/c/i We^/m/c Cc+ I# OF(r- o+) Ppsi/obe/ast/spi/mag Fcr/p+(animist, roman pagan)/~,a,# T++*/+^ Xb(g/s/b/^!)

...we stopped after the sexuality thingies. Everything else is just so totally not relevant anyway.
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2006-06-08 12:28 pm
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2006-04-29 08:47 pm
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RPG class test

Everyone is very pleased with the results to this one :).

...and then there's the undeniable irony in this, which ads to the fun )
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2006-04-10 10:29 pm
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Ennagram test, snagged from Cas )

We were all pretty amazed by how accurate this two-question test was. Especially Ash. Malak's first answer wasn't quite right (he came out a seven), so he browsed the "not completely happy" options and re-took it.

Side note by Fireez: notice how often Ash's and Soraya's answers come out as the same in these? I guess they've got more in common than either one wants to admit.
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2006-04-07 04:36 pm
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We just got home from the gym. Yes, the gym. And we signed up for membership there, so we will be going more often. Finally, this body will get in some shape. So much for "I'm never ever going to do that", haha!
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2006-03-24 12:18 am
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Three cheers!

Happy birthday, Draco!

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2006-03-22 01:08 pm
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Tweaked the info on the voices a bit, especially the parts about Draco's and Malak's origins, because they are rather... muddled and complicated. But I tried my best to make it understandable *sweatdrop*. These guys are just too complicated. Also removed the links to the userpics, because, well, some of the boys now have just too many *gives Malak a sideways look*.
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2006-03-20 06:01 pm
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On egregores, and why we are OK with maybe being 'em

The topic of egregores, tulpas, thoughtforms and whatever you may call them has come up repeatedly on both our and our host's f-list.

For those who don't know what those words mean, a quick and dirty explanation (though you should still look it up): they mean that, through investing thought, belief and energy into a concept/idea, this concept/idea becomes alive in the sense that it exists independently of those who created it and enters into a kind of symbiotic realationship - the creator(s) influence the egregore, and the egregore influences its creator(s).

Now, this concept can easily be applied to sb's. By thinking up or thinking about a character, the person doing the thinking breathes life into the idea of said character, thus causing it to become alive and independent of him/her.

There are some obviously touchy points in this theory, and we've pondered over them quite a bit. The first one obviously being "if we were created by our host in the sense that we wouldn't exist without her, does this mean that we are her puppets? Or that she is some kind of god?". To tell you the truth, Fireez was quite flattered by the second assumption, but that didn't keep her from falling over laughing. We shall give you the response she gave us: "I wouldn't exist without my parents. But have you ever heard somebody going round claiming that I was just a puppet of them, or that they were gods? That's just plain ridiculous. You are your own people, regardless of your origins."

Well, she didn't laugh any more when we came to discussing the second touchy point, which is that of our memories. If we were thought up by somebody else, are our memories even real? Did they ever happen? And what about the bad memories? Everyone in here has some things in his or her past that weren't all bunnies and flowers, some more, some less. And for those who are insourced (which is, everyone except Ash and Dannyl), Fireez is the one who thought that stuff up, and is therefore responsible for our suffering. Which doesn't sit all that easy with her - understandable, because, well, would you want to be responsible for the suffering of your friends? Probably not. We'll just let Draco speak for all of us on this, because he's not only the one person with the most shit to deal with, but also because he put it best:

"Did the thought that she might be responsible for all the shit I've been through make me angry? Yes. Would I have liked her to give me a less traumatic past? Well, my first answer was an angry "YES!", but then I thought about it for a while. Without my past, I wouldn't be who I am now. Sure, I would be more functional in some respects, but then again, some other parts of me would also go missing. My past gave me a great deal of anger, fear and scars, but it also gave me determination, compassion and strength. Without it, I wouldn't be the person I am now, and most of the time, I'm proud of who I am. So if this theory about egregores is right - and I believe it is - yes, she is partially responsible for what happened to me, but I'm not angry at her because of it. And no, I don't believe that it invalidates my past, because, well, who of us, even if they're physically real, can honestly claim that they're truly the masters of their own fate? We're all influenced by the world and the people around us, and I'm no exception."

And if anyone is wondering about the phrase "partially responsible", well, it's happened more than once that Fireez has asked one of us about certain events in our pasts, because she honestly didn't know about them. Remember, the communication between creator and creation isn't one-way, but flows both ways.
As for the question of "are our memories real, even if they didn't happen in some physical reality", well, let us just say that if you're thinking along the lines of nope, if it didn't happen in some kind of physical reality then it's not real... well, take a deep breath and think again about who it is you are reading here. We are the voices in somebody's head. Conventional concepts of reality do not apply.
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2006-03-19 11:48 pm
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Username meme, ganked from the host's journal

What is your username?

[ profile] lion_azure

Write a little paragraph about your username, why you chose it, what it means to you, etc.

Well, back when this was still exclusively Ash's journal, she chose it mainly because it was the first thing that came to mind. You see, her mercinary company was called the Lion Azure, and she's got some very fond memories of that. When we switched it over to being a system journal, we actually thought a bit about maybe buying a rename token. The reason we didn't do it after all was, well, the name is kind of fitting for us. We're a band of people thrown together by the grand forces of fate, need and chance, and now we've got to stick together and make the best of it, just like Ash's old company had to. And just like them, we might not always get along, but if push comes to shove, we'll stand united against any enemy that threatens one of our own.

What would you change your name to, if you were changing it?


Why that?

It's latin for "to talk to oneself" *g*. There actually was a journal by that name, once, on which Soraya and Kathy posted from time to time, but our host deleted it a while back.

What is your favorite username?

Yours! No, really! :)

Not tagging anyone, just go ahead if you feel like it.
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2006-02-28 11:09 pm
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Spank me with cold cod!

This rather fishy *g* topic was inspired by a conversation with Kevin (and Rebby and Jacques).

So here it is, the fish-slapping meme!
1. If you could walk up to any person, living or dead, fictional or real, and slap them in the face with a large trout, who would it be?
2. If someone walked up to you and slapped you with a fish, how would you react?

And here are the Choir's answers! )
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2006-01-20 10:31 am
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Public service announcement!

From tomorrow morning on (early, early morning, oh blergh!), we'll be off to London for a week. Yay for vacations! We'll be visiting lots of museums and spending the little money we have on books and stuff for the whole bunch of us. It's going to be tons of fun, even if the weather will most likely be a bit crappy.

Oh, and Malak wishes to say that, once we're back, he most definetly will be online to talk with Jade and Kevin and everyone else, come hell or early sunrise (fyi, Germany's a full 6 hours ahead of NY).

Edit: so, we're currently trying to keep Fireez from going too crazy about the flight tomorrow. She's not afraid of flying, but she's got some medical condition that affects her ears and makes it uncomfortable, if not outright painful, for her on takeoff and landing. And now she's got a cold and her nose is all blocked, which is totally not good.