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Thinking about things, mulling over some of the responses our x-posting of Fireez' little essay on Dax got, we've come to the conclusion that we're not multiple. *chuckle* No, we were not pretending, or leading anyone on - we're just going to reject that label, because we don't feel it fits us very well.

We're soulbonds. A median/mid-continuum. A gateway system. But we are not multiple.

Why are we doing this? Because some of the "givens", the norms and standards within multiplicity, don't apply to us. The biggest one might be the whole issue of "the right to front". Surprise and shock, none of us actually thinks we have any right to this body, or this life (even if, in times of frustration, we might throw that idea at the host). We like to use it, yes, and we front, yes, but we don't really need any of this. We could just as well exist on the inside.
Then, there's the question of how we function as a group. Most of the time, there will be a multi-fronting situation, read: there's two or more people at the helm. It's very rare that there really is only one person around. The face we present to the outside world is actually a kind of synthetic construct, mostly made up by the host and the unicorn, but added to by the rest of us over time. The design is not uniformous - sometimes, it will have more elements of Ash, or of L., or of Malak etc... but it's constructed in a way that most people around us won't notice that. We're deliberately weird *g*.

I guess that's the reason we always felt more at home in comms such as [ profile] soulbonding, [ profile] notpluralenough or [ profile] more_than_one than in [ profile] multiplicity. [ profile] multiplicity has a heavy slant towards "real" multiples, whose experiences and dealings will often leave us going "guh?", because we are having a hard time relating to them.

If you'd like more information on how we experience being median, read this. We pretty much agree with what is said there.
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