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Welcome to Choirspace, the Choir Invisible's very own headspace! Some time ago, we decided it was high time that we came up with a place where everyone could meet up, have a chat, play board games and stuff. So we invented our own little world.

As you can see, it's nothing fancy. Some woods, a beach (we all like beaches), and lots of wide open spaces. Well, ok, there is one fancy thing *g* - the caldarium, a sort of outdoor pool fed by an underground hot spring. Draco came up with that one, because, quote "every civilized place should have one". Other than that, things are pretty primitive.

The house (sometimes affectionately called "the hut") is a two-story wood and stone structure. The ground floor is basically one big living/dining room (plus a small kitchen). There's a fireplace, lots of battered, comfy old sofas and chairs, tables for playing boardgames, drawing, writing or depositing books on, lots of bookcases and sideboards, and a really huge wooden dining table. Nobody knows why it's so bloody huge - it could probably seat up to 15 people. The northeast corner of the ground floor is taken up by our kitchen. Which brings me to another little oddity about Choirspace: no electricity. There's a gas stove and something like a primitive fridge (some sort of Roman invention, ask Draco), and we have running water (both hot and cold), but no electricity. I guess we just don't need it.
The second floor houses everyone's individual rooms, where we keep our personal stuff and retreat to when we've had enough of the others.
Edit: We now have a second, smaller one-story wooden hut next to the big one, since Ash and Draco wanted some privacy to raise their little family. It's not in the picture yet, but you, well, get the picture, eh? As to what happened to their old rooms, well, I converted one into a study for me, and Kathy occupied the other to be her playroom/creative corner.

Next to the house, there's the caldarium and a fire/bbq pit, which is an ideal location for both parties and romantic evenings ;).
Another Edit: off to the right, over by the edge of the woods, you'll now also find Draco's "Kaboom Room", which basically is a cicular wall enclosing some space where he can safely play with fire. Over by the caldarium you'll also find a small stable and paddock. Linus (Ash's horse) lives there :).
A five-minute walk down the southward path will bring you to the dunes and beach, which goes on for... oh, nobody knows, probably forever.
To the west of the house are some big, colorful fields of wildflowers (I'm suspecting Kathy had a hand in those), and the whole area is surrounded by coniferous woodlands. Nobody knows how far those stretch, either, and Ash (who's been exploring Choirspace for some time now) has hinted that there are some weird, strange and sometimes even frightening things in there. Fireez thinks it may be that the forests act as some kind of playground for our subconciousness(es), so I wouldn't be too surprised if what Ash said was true. Anyway, there's also a big lake somewhere in the forest, about 45 minutes walking time straight to the east. I've never been there, but the others say that it's quite nice and has a very enchanted (if sometimes spooky) feel to it.

If you follow the path to the north and through the woods, you'll reach the village in about 30 minutes walking time. Yes, we have a village - or where do you think we get all our stuff, like food, books and things *g*?
Apart from stores, the village also has in Inn, where those of us who don't have that strong a connection to the host live (at the moment, that would be Ziani, who's also set up a kind of shop there). It also serves as the gateway to Choirspace, meaning that wandering bonds or visitors will most likely pop up in there.

And speaking of visitors: visitors are always welcome :)! Just remember, no electricity, not even in the village, and don't go wandering in the woods on your own if you don't like surprises.
But if you're fine with that, you'll love it. The climate is very nice - a perpetual coastal northwestern European summer, with mostly warm and sunny days with a slight breeze coming in from the sea. We do have rain sometimes, and thunderstorms in the evening and at night, but since it's an artificial world, we never get the kind of really drab weather Fireez has to suffer through sometimes.
Edit the third: seems like I was wrong about the perpetual summer. We do get seasons, only that they're less pronounced than in the real word. So we do have cold weather and even snow in winter! But we still don't get the yucky days-long rain and stuff. The weather is nice to us!
You can hang around in the pool, take a walk at the beach (or even a swim in the ocean, if you don't mind cold water) or spend your time reading or playing games. And of course hanging around with yours truly and the other members of our little madhouse!


Date: 2006-06-08 10:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We really ought to map ours one day. Funny thing, Arhuaine knew about the soulspace decades ago; long before she knew there were others sharing it with her. Ours is like yours, no electricity. Funny, that. I guess our soulspace doesn't include a power-station?

Re: Nice.

Date: 2006-06-08 03:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
One explanation for our lack of electricity could be that most of us come from times and/or places that simply don't have electricity (yet). The only person who's really used to having it is Soraya, and she doesn't care if Choirspace is rigged up or not, since she still spends a lot of time in her original world. So when we built the world, it probably just wasn't considered, and now we're forever stuck with imitation Victorian Age technology *laughs*.

Date: 2006-06-08 01:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Dude, you've just inspired Shawn to make an attempt at mapping a few floors of The Complex.

If she dissolves into gibbering insanity, I want you to know it's all your fault. Of course, she's the type that'd want to wander in your forest. A lot.

Date: 2006-06-08 03:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hehe, mea culpa! And I guess Shawn would be OK wandering the forest, since she falls under the header of "scary stuff" herself *g*.

Date: 2006-06-08 06:57 pm (UTC)
ext_579929: (wilsonspots)
From: [identity profile]
I need to get myself one of them........;) The closest I have is my white room and that's not as fun as a beachside house......

Date: 2006-06-08 10:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, Choirspace is a joint effort from all of us - that's why it's so big and weird *g*. But they're not that hard to make, actually. Fireez provided the basic landscape... molded it around a real place, an island off the coast of the Netherlands. That's why it's got that particular climate, too. And we just added bits and pieces, until we had something we all could live with.

You've got to come visit sometime :).


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