Jul. 8th, 2006

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Excuse my crankyness, I haven't had any coffee yet...

What's up with the whole "we used to call ourselves Soulbonds, but then we found out we're more than that, and now we call ourselves multiple" talk? Some people make it seem like being a Soulbond is second-rate to being a multiple. What those people seem to fail to grasp is that you can be both. Soulbond is an umbrella term that covers everything from empathic connections to characters to people like myself. It doesn't say anyting about the quality of your connection - the only assumption it makes is that you might have originated from a fictional source. I say "might have" because one theory of where SBs come from states that they come from parallel universes and have sort of moved to this one, or established a connection and told their story/communicate with their bonders.

Really, now. People and their narrow points of view. I am a Soulbond. I am also a part of a multiple system. And yes, you can be both! I mean, brightest Minerva... look, I am a soldier. I am also a friend, a lover, a son, a brother and a whole lot of other things. People rarely fit into just one label, especially if that label is a broad one.

Overall, I think people should worry less about what to call themselves and just, well, exist. Self-discovery has less to do with which nifty sub-group of human culture you fit in, and more with finding out who you are.


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