Mar. 20th, 2006

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The topic of egregores, tulpas, thoughtforms and whatever you may call them has come up repeatedly on both our and our host's f-list.

For those who don't know what those words mean, a quick and dirty explanation (though you should still look it up): they mean that, through investing thought, belief and energy into a concept/idea, this concept/idea becomes alive in the sense that it exists independently of those who created it and enters into a kind of symbiotic realationship - the creator(s) influence the egregore, and the egregore influences its creator(s).

Now, this concept can easily be applied to sb's. By thinking up or thinking about a character, the person doing the thinking breathes life into the idea of said character, thus causing it to become alive and independent of him/her.

There are some obviously touchy points in this theory, and we've pondered over them quite a bit. The first one obviously being "if we were created by our host in the sense that we wouldn't exist without her, does this mean that we are her puppets? Or that she is some kind of god?". To tell you the truth, Fireez was quite flattered by the second assumption, but that didn't keep her from falling over laughing. We shall give you the response she gave us: "I wouldn't exist without my parents. But have you ever heard somebody going round claiming that I was just a puppet of them, or that they were gods? That's just plain ridiculous. You are your own people, regardless of your origins."

Well, she didn't laugh any more when we came to discussing the second touchy point, which is that of our memories. If we were thought up by somebody else, are our memories even real? Did they ever happen? And what about the bad memories? Everyone in here has some things in his or her past that weren't all bunnies and flowers, some more, some less. And for those who are insourced (which is, everyone except Ash and Dannyl), Fireez is the one who thought that stuff up, and is therefore responsible for our suffering. Which doesn't sit all that easy with her - understandable, because, well, would you want to be responsible for the suffering of your friends? Probably not. We'll just let Draco speak for all of us on this, because he's not only the one person with the most shit to deal with, but also because he put it best:

"Did the thought that she might be responsible for all the shit I've been through make me angry? Yes. Would I have liked her to give me a less traumatic past? Well, my first answer was an angry "YES!", but then I thought about it for a while. Without my past, I wouldn't be who I am now. Sure, I would be more functional in some respects, but then again, some other parts of me would also go missing. My past gave me a great deal of anger, fear and scars, but it also gave me determination, compassion and strength. Without it, I wouldn't be the person I am now, and most of the time, I'm proud of who I am. So if this theory about egregores is right - and I believe it is - yes, she is partially responsible for what happened to me, but I'm not angry at her because of it. And no, I don't believe that it invalidates my past, because, well, who of us, even if they're physically real, can honestly claim that they're truly the masters of their own fate? We're all influenced by the world and the people around us, and I'm no exception."

And if anyone is wondering about the phrase "partially responsible", well, it's happened more than once that Fireez has asked one of us about certain events in our pasts, because she honestly didn't know about them. Remember, the communication between creator and creation isn't one-way, but flows both ways.
As for the question of "are our memories real, even if they didn't happen in some physical reality", well, let us just say that if you're thinking along the lines of nope, if it didn't happen in some kind of physical reality then it's not real... well, take a deep breath and think again about who it is you are reading here. We are the voices in somebody's head. Conventional concepts of reality do not apply.


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